Our website is opened...

Date: 12 Oct 2018 - Writer: Admin

Our web site continues to broadcast with the new interface. You can give us feedback by contacting us from our contact page. Our user-friendly system with two different navigation options, top and bottom, is suitable for mobile devices and displayed with the best Google Chrome browser. We wish you pleasant walks.

What is Wafer Halva?

Date: 12 Oct 2018 - Writer: Admin

Wafer Halva; It is a traditional street taste of wafer type in Turkish Food Culture, which is prepared by placing between two, three or more layers of special caramelized milk, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, cherry and similar foods.

Putting most ice cream is consumed in Turkey between. Today, it is known that various cakes are made with sauces such as chocolate and vanilla. Also consumed with cream.

As the most popular dessert of the 18th century, it started to be produced in many cities in Europe and sold in the streets. The wafer concept of today started with the discovery of the paper helix.